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The Audubon Amsterdam Edition (1971-72), represents the first full size printed facsimile of Audubon's opus The Birds of America (1826-1838). It reproduces all 435 of Audubon's original plates on double-elephant folio size paper.
 The Amsterdam Edition was limited to 250 copies and it is estimated that of those 250 sets, only 50-75 were bound. Many of those bound sets have now been broken and the plates dispersed. The four Amsterdam Edition volumes replicate the four bound volumes that comprised Audubon's original publication.
Audubon's original 19th century four volume set has the distinction of being the world's most valuable printed book. A record price of $11.5 million was reached in December 2010.
The firms of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd. of Amsterdam and the Johnson Reprint Corporation of New York developed the Amsterdam Edition. The Teyler Museum of Holland loaned their original Birds of America copy to be photographed and printed by the best then available methods. Each plate was printed in up to eight colors by the firm of NV Fotolitho Inrichting Drommel of Zandvoort, Holland.
The Edition is printed on custom made wove paper by G. Schut & Zonen, papermakers since 1625, using 100% unbleached cotton rags. Each sheet has a unique watermark that measures about 1" x 11". The full sheet measures approximately 26 1/2" x 39 1/2" corresponding to the full sheet size of the 19th century originals.
This set is in pristine condition.
Price $ 68,000.00


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